Friday, April 30, 2010

EDF's May Calendar

Every Day Fiction publishes a fresh flash fiction story for each day of the year.

Here's the May Table of Contents

May 1 / timothy l jones /In America There Is Food
May 2 / Patsy Collins / Enchanting
May 3 / M. J. Rafferty / Through Grady’s Door
May 4 /Heather Holland Wheaton / Rain
May 5 / Fadzlishah Johanabas / Yana
May 6 / Scott W. Baker / The Drake’s Eye
May 7 / Ev Bishop / On the Wall
May 8 / Donna Steiner / Exit
May 9 / Kip / Saving Darth Vader
May 10 / Wayne Scheer / The American Dream
May 11 / JR Hume / High Road
May 12 / Deborah Winter-Blood / Stampede
May 13 / Zena Greene / A Message for Me
May 14 / Robert Swartwood / Multiplicity
May 15 / Blaise Lucey / The Elevator
May 16 / Stacey Py Flynn / Letter to a Stranger
May 17 / Oonah V Joslin / Stranger Still
May 18 / Stef Hall / Promise
May 19 / Douglas Campbell / Hollow Jake
May 20 / Joyce Chng / Cog-work Cat
May 21 / Ariane Synovitz / What Is Left
May 22 / Belinda Rees / Resolution Drive
May 23 / Bint Arab / The Sight
May 24 / John P. McCann / Fresh Ideas
May 25 / J.C. Towler / Warning Belles
May 26 / J.L. Smith The White
May 27 / Tanya Byrne / Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
May 28 / Shaun Simon / Snowman
May 29 / Aaron Polson / Cookies
May 30 / Grace Andreacchi / Destination: Happiness
May 31 / Adam Armour / Given Hindsight

Friday, April 16, 2010

SALVATION • by Ann M. Pino | Every Day Fiction - The once a day flash fiction magazine.

Congratulations to the first place winner of the String-of-10 TWO Microfiction contest. Read "Salvation at Every Day Fiction here: SALVATION • by Ann M. Pino Every Day Fiction - The once a day flash fiction magazine.

Then read the interview with author Ann Pino at Flash Fiction Chronicles here:

Interview with First Place Winner Ann Pino.

Friday, April 09, 2010

String-of-10 Celebration Launches Today

Flash Fiction Chronicles News:

Today launches String-of-10 TWO week. Today at Flash Fiction Chronicles we feature an interview with Sharon E. Trotter, last August's first place winner with her story "The Haircut."

Here's our interview with her: Catching up with Sharon E. Trotter, August 2009 String Winner « Flash Fiction Chronicles

Next week, we publish John Towler's "Gypsy Flour" and Brittany Soder's "Good Morning, Susan" along with interviews with the second place Towler and third place Soder.

On Friday, Every Day Fiction will publish Ann Pino's "Salvation" and we at Flash Fiction Chronicles will carry an interview with Ms. Pino.

In the following weeks, we'll feature another String interview with Joel Willans, guest judge of the February competiton as well as an interview with Gaius Coffey, author of the Top Read story at Every Day Fiction for March.

Personal News:

I have a new story up at Short Story America: "Wounded Moon." It's so cool how they do it. It's like it's own little book. You may have to join in order to read it, but probably not.

This story was short-listed in the Fish Short Story Contest in 2008 so you might like it. Find it here.

Other recent pieces include:

Okay You’re Writing: How to Keep Track at Flash Fiction Chronicles
What's Next at 50 to 1
Madeline in Her Coffin at Referential Magazine

Friday, April 02, 2010

Okay You’re Writing: How to Keep Track « Flash Fiction Chronicles

I've posted a way to keep track of stories and subs over at Flash Fiction Chronicles. However, it's one of those iffy propositions. I may not be the right person to actually make recommedations.

I also wanted to let people know that the resolution of the String-of-10 TWO Contest is approaching (the climax being the announcement of the winners. I feel a blog post about three-act structures coming on---be gone be gone!!!)

Here's how things should unfold:

Friday April 9 or April 19th

Interview with Guest Judge Joel Willans by
new FFC assistant editor, Tanya Schofield

Monday April 12

Third place winner "Good Morning Susan" published at

Interview with author Brittany Soder

Wednesday April 14

Second place winner "Gypsy Flour" published at FFC

Interview with author John Towler

Friday April 16

First Place winner "Salvation" published at Every Day

Interview with First Place author Ann Pino at FFC

Hopefully, reading the winning stories will inspire flash writers to challenge themselves to take on a flash-a-day exercise and start submitting in the flash marketplace. And here's a possible way to organize all that:

Okay You’re Writing: How to Keep Track « Flash Fiction Chronicles