Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday Morning Chat at Fictionaut: Susan chats with ME!

I'm so excited that Susan Tepper likes my story "Something about LA" enough to invite me to chat about the story and my process in writing it.  If you get a chance today or sometime this week, hop on over to the Fictionaut site and find out what we talked about.

Monday Chat with Gay Degani

Read the story here: Something about LA

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What's Up at Every Day Fiction this Month

January’s Table of Contents
Jan 1David BrightHTML
Jan 2William DoonanVisions of Sugarplums: One Elf’s Descent Into Madness
Jan 3Tony BurnettBig Sweet Life
Jan 4Milo James FowlerStone in the Sky and Bread Below
Jan 5Elaine OlundA Winter Break
Jan 6Scott W YounkinHeed the Sailor’s Tale
Jan 7Dan AllenKnock-Knock
Jan 8Lydia S GrayIn Return
Jan 9JC PiechImaginary Cowboys
Jan 10Christopher OwenDeepsleep
Jan 11Joanna BresslerThe Shadow Woman
Jan 12April GreyDoing Time
Jan 13Richard FerriMaking Do
Jan 14Cezarija AbartisThe Golden Rule
Jan 15Allison NastDear Baby
Jan 16Wayne ScheerLate Night Heroics
Jan 17Dan PurdueJust Jeff
Jan 18Gustavo BondoniChristopher’s Retreat
Jan 19Laura CroweGlass Ceiling
Jan 20Ted LietzThe Truth about Truth
Jan 21A. E. DeckerThe Quest
Jan 22Michelle Ann KingThere You Are, My Love
Jan 23Jonathan PinnockRôle-Play
Jan 24Ben CareyThe Smell Of Things To Come
Jan 25Gerald WarfieldStonehenge in His Garden
Jan 26Thomas EcclestoneGrunt The Underling
Jan 27Michael A RoseCandy Sales Are Through the Roof
Jan 28Jason MichelsenCircus
Jan 29Andy Leigh de FonsecaSurvival
Jan 30Andrew WatersFlame
Jan 31Joyce ChngBirth Story