Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Every Day Fiction's December Calendar

December begins tomorrow bringing with it a fair amount of chaos.  However, remember when you need a short break  Every Day Fiction provides flash fiction that can be read during a coffee break.  

Table of Contents
Dec 1Joyce StattonTidings
Dec 2J.D. RiceQuestions
Dec 3JR HumeDust on the Sun
Dec 4Susan KaempferHow to Embarrass Mum and Dad
Dec 5Ken LiuThe Letter
Dec 6Joe Alan ArtzKnott Travel
Dec 7Kurt KirchmeierClicks and Whirs
Dec 8A. F. McKeatingListening
Dec 9Randall BrownJust Like Earth Girls
Dec 10Karen LaineTaking Chances
Dec 11Brittany MichelsonTruth In Lemonade Stands
Dec 12Alex FleetwoodThe Meaning of Hard Work
Dec 13John ImpeyRefrigerator Sphinx
Dec 14Mark WolfKoggie and the Autonomous House
Dec 15Omenka Helen UchenduIf Only God Were Watching
Dec 16Kaolin Imago FireIt Comes Down to This
Dec 17ElizabethYour Smile
Dec 18Howard CincottaSilent Velcro
Dec 19Mary J. DaleyReady or Not
Dec 20Richard LambMaking Merry
Dec 21H.P. MandrakeLong Goat
Dec 22Ben CareyThe Girl with the Red Ribbon in Her Hair
Dec 23Wanda Morrow-ClevengerRoses and Peppermint Candy
Dec 24Digby BeaumontWho Knew More than Karen Carpenter About a Broken Heart?
Dec 25KipKringle
Dec 26Heather Holland WheatonCoats
Dec 27Patrick S. TomlinsonEarth Girls are Hard
Dec 28Elizabeth PerfectThe Night the Planes Stopped Flying
Dec 29Dee TurbonOne Kiss
Dec 30Sandra CrookThe Old Ways
Dec 31P. Djeli ClarkThe Machine

Friday, November 26, 2010

FFC Listed as one of BEST Online Consumer Mag Markets!

Terrific news came this morning. And I should have figured it out for myself!  EDF's Camille and Jordan sent congrats on Flash Fiction Chronicles  being listed in the Nov/Dec Writers Digest   as one of the 25 Best Online Consumer Magazine Markets!!! Who knew?! Not me! I knew EDF and 10 Flash were listed and SmokeLong Quarterly mentioned too, but it never occurred to me that FFC made one of the lists!!! Yippee!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Story for Veteran's Day

Dawn's Early Light

The morning he was to leave, I slipped into his room. Pale light through  curtains lined-up like soldiers, tall, straight, at attention.  I had to admit it looked a little glorious, but then I turned back to my boy. The quilt my own mama made was pulled right up to his chin, his mouth was open, his breathing soft like feathery wind. 

Sweat glistened on his forehead and as I stroked the dampness away, he opened his eyes, confused for a moment but comfortable too. Warm. Safe under his  own mama's gaze. 

They say the worst thing in the world is to bury a child. I testify to that. Toby went to war because he was told it was the right thing to do. Not by me. Never me.

by Gay Degani

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Steve Lowe is giving away books!

Steve Lowe is having a promotion at his website Shitzengiggles and giving away FREE BOOKS.  Check it out here: http://steve-lowe.com/2010/11/09/who-wants-a-free-book/!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Phew! What a fun couple of weeks!

Wednesday night was the signing at Vroman's for the W.W. Norton Hint Fiction Anthology edited by Robert Swartwood.  I enjoyed meeting fellow contributors Jenn Alandy, Jeremy D. Brooks, Daniel A. Olivas, Robin Rozanski and A. J. Slye.  The bookstore personnel were wonderful and the audience much appreciated. Signed copies are now available at Vroman's.  Think Christmas! Think independent bookstores!

New Reviews and Mentions of the Hint Fiction Anthology
Los Angeles Times
The Washington Post

Here's a list of current stories by me online:
Something about LA at Litsnack
Body-Snatching at LITnIMAGE
Isla Vista, 1970 at Foundling Review
Closed Down at 50 to 1

Thriller! A Young Adult Anthology is out with my story, "Gravity Island," included.  Available at  a discounted price at the Pill Hill/Static Movement Online Store.

There's a new review up at Sonar4 Landing Dock Reviews of Pomegranate Stories.  Check it out here.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Goals for November

I'm always writing about goals and then ignoring them, but I'm going to be perverse and keep posting them until I get it right.  Goal #1 is the novel. You've heard it before and most of you probably don't believe it will happen, but it will!  It will!

My other main goal is to get some help at Flash Fiction Chronicles.  Denny Lee Vanvick has agreed to help out but I think I need a couple more editors.  So if you are interested in applying to be an assistant editor, send me a note and tell me what part you'd like to play.  Or if you are interested in having a once a month feature column at FFC, I would like to consider that as a possibility too.  If interviewing, writing craft posts, finding articles, proof-reading, gathering news bits, or posting a weekly photo prompt appeals to you let me know.

What else for November?  My son and his wife are coming for early Thanksgiving so I'm looking forward to that.  My goal is to be in a good work place (meaning a few posts ahead at FFC and significant novel progress) by the time they get here so I can reeeellllllaaaaaxxxxx and enjoy their visit.

I think that's it.  I also want to enjoy the signing Wednesday night at Vromans for the Hint Fiction anthology.  Editor Robert Swartwood will be out for that and I hope lots of people come.  It's at 7:00 November 3 upstairs at Vromans in Old Town.