Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iowa Pix

Most of these were taken by my sister in Iowa. These are some familiar Iowa City and Coralville pix.

1. Coralville Strip, showing CopyWorks where I've spent many a hectic afternoon.

2. This is the parking lot of Jane's hairdresser's salon on the strip.

3. This is the bridge by the EPB going into Coralville.

4. The Heartland Inn in Coralville.

5. The Iowa House. I always stayed here and requested a river view. Now I'm not so sure!

6. The Mayflower, Sharon, for you.
7. Jane's commute along Hwy 30!


Jane said...

That's actually the bridge by Copyworks, not the EPB one. EPB got swamped, but not the bridge.

Shameless said...