Friday, August 29, 2008

"Monsoon" Hits Quality Women's Fiction

"Monsoon" is now available in the August issue of Quality Women's Fiction 53 at the QWF site. Single issue within the US is $14; outside the US is $19. Yearly subscription within the US is $25; outside the US is $35/year. Non-US residents will receive their single issue and subscriptions via email as a PDF file.

A finalist in the Glimmer Train Winter 2007-2008 Fiction Open, "Monsoon" is the story of a jealous wife whose obsession leads to disastrous results.

Thank you, Kathie Giorgio, for choosing my story to appear in this latest issue of QWF.


Kevin Shamel said...

Wooo hoooooo! Congratulations!

That's a cool looking cover, too.

Anonymous said...

yeah nice one gay...i always wanted to try womens fiction...but lacked in certain areas.

Sarah Hilary said...

Congratulations, Gay, that's terrific! What a hit - and GlimmerTrain runner-up, too!

Rebecca said...

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