Thursday, October 09, 2008

Art thou ready?

To come and see my art? As unbelievable as it may seem, my art is hanging right at this very moment at The Masters Hair Studio and Gallery at 16 North Mentor in Pasadena. Email me for hours.

The show is called "Testing Mettle," all puns intended. I use acrylic, wire, plastic, netting, fabric, and the metal street sweeping bristles I've gathered from the byways of South Pasadena. My commentary reads,
Gay Degani's art focuses on alienation, discovery, reclamation, and growth from both personal and universal prospectives. Is there hope? Maybe.
Here's a little sneak peak:


K.C. Ball said...

Way cool, Gay! You are, it seems, a Renaissance woman.

Sarah Hilary said...

I love them, especially the one you've posted to the right of this column. Wonderful. "Aliention" - one of my favourite themes in any kind of art.

Gay Degani said...

Thanks you guys. I don't know about Renaissance (that's a pretty nice compliment, KC), but I know I'm experiencing a creative release. I guess I've restrained myself over the years with other interests but now, I can really spend time doing exactly what I love to do. Now I have time to edit first efforts and make them better where in the past, if it wasn't very good the first time around, I just quit for lack of time.

Gay Degani said...

And quit from lack of confidence.

Shameless said...


Got WOL (wow out loud) from me.

Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. I wish I could go to the gallery.

But I want to touch them, so I'd probably get in trouble.

I like the dark one on the left in the photo. I like 'em all, actually.


I just posted some art on my blog, and now it seems dorky.

You rock, Gay.

Gay Degani said...

Thanks Kevin, you are so loyal and sweet I could just squeeze you.

Here's something funny, me being a person who is supposed to know words, the painting you mentioned is supposed to be called "Vale" as in a valley. Unfortunately I wrote "Vail" in the program. I've been twitchy about it. However I just looked it up and "vail" means to descend or lower, so maybe that IS what I meant. It has a companion piece called "Mount." It's really a diptrych. Reminds me of lord of the rings. I'll post it.

Gay Degani said...

BTW I do want to publicly thank Trish Glover for the final touches on my show program. She made it gorgeous.