Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mammoth in Late November

Want to share some pix from our holiday with Hillary. We cooked an 18 pound turkey for five, mashed potatoes, the works. It was fun and different. I wrote a lot too, working on my Rose Metal Chapbook entry (shout out to Sarah for sticking with me to make the deadline). Actually, writing on a vacation is usually so hard for me. I want to play cards, hike, help with the jigsaw, but this time, I could focus. I don't know if it's because I'd just spent to concentrated weeks on jewelry-making and was still in that "get it done" state of mind or if it was Sarah's faith in me that I could do it, but it all balanced out nicely. We went out into a meadow near McGee's Creek with the dogs, Hill helped me with a couple stories, we watched football, it was very cool.
The weather too was balanced. Snow the day and night we arrived. Bright and sunny the rest of the time.
The morning after we arrived, I pulled the blinds and the sun, snow, and landscape sparkled right into the condo. Amazing.


Shameless said...

Snow is so gorgeous when you don't have to touch it.

ha! The captcha down there is "cones".

Snow cones?

Glad you had fun!!

Erin said...

Sounds like a great holiday.

Sarah Hilary said...

What you did was amazing. I'm in awe. The photos are lovely too.