Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy for Kate, What happened to Anne's face, and I've got to stop goofing off

This will be brief. No writing lectures. I have too much to do.

BUT I did want to say I'm happy for Kate Winslet. Although I haven't seen "The Reader" nor "Revolutionary Road," I'm happy one of my favorites is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Just a quick remark on Anne Hathaway's face in today's LA Times. It looks like an illustration to me. Did someone over there photoshop her head?

And last of not least. I am disappointed in Outliers. I'm sorry I recommended it. Gladwell's essay on success isn't the tight, cohesive analysis of what creates success that I expected. However that said I'm happy he has reasserted that persistence is as essential as talent and that sometimes with a little talent and the right amount of practice, a person can arrive where she wants.

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Shameless said...

Freaky. That's obviously been cartoonified.

Maybe she's becoming a toon?


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