Friday, February 27, 2009

The London Eye up at EDF

Hey guys! My suspense story "The London Eye" is up today at Every Day Fiction. If you get a chance to hop over there and read it, that would be terrific. Please vote too, five stars if you love it, and four if you really like it and so forth. Also please, leave a comment in the comments section of EDF if you can? Thanks!!


K.C. Ball said...

Gay: you already know how much I loved this story.

Gay Degani said...

Thank you! And I LOVED your cat story.

Erin said...

Gay, I really enjoyed "The London Eye." Well done! Also, congrats on joining the slush editors at EDF. I just saw the March TOC, and I'll be excited to see what happens with the stories as you and K.C. get involved. :-)