Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LAW & ORDER: Easy to obsess

Read in the LA Times the other day, there's a possibility that the "mothership" of Dick Wolf's television franchise, the original Law and Order, may not be picked up for next season. Panic set in! Sweat popped, tears sprung, hyperventilation not far behind. NO!!!!!

I can't go a whole day without a hit of L & O. Love my Law and Order. All those flawed and clearly-delineated characters, all that fabulous writing, all of Jack McCoy!

Yes, I wouldn't have to go cold turkey. It's syndicated on TNT. But, OMG, even with umpteen seasons, eventually I'll have seen them all and just as it's happened with Jerry and the gang, I will grow slightly weary from repeated viewing.

I might die before that happens, but what if I don't?

Actually, I haven't seen every episode yet. I'm keeping track. I printed a list from TV.com of every episode of L & O. I'm working my way through, one episode a day, from 1990 with George Dzunida, Chris Noth, Michael Moriarty, and Richard Brooks through 2009 with Anthony Anderson, Jeremy Sisto (most cute since Benjamin Bratt), Linus Roach, and Alana de la Garza, AND of course, Sam.

Watching all these episodes has been tons of fun. Some of the shows haven't lived up to its own high standard, but that's to be expected after so many years on TV, but over all the writers, producers, directors, and stars deliver high quality drama episode after episode. And there are some jewels: "Who Let the Dogs Out?" "Bodies," and several others I forgot to highlight on my list. Maybe the next time through.

BUT I hope it stays on the air. With each new cast change the show has twisted and turned and yielded fresh new situations and some damn good TV times.


Madeline said...

See, now, Gay, I'm more of a "Law & Order: SVU" fan myself. Although, I loved Lenny from the original. :)

le0pard13 said...

My all time favorite detective pair on L&O has to be Lenny and Logan. If there's a rerun of them on, I'm watching it. Good post, Gay.