Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the winner of the drawing is....

DDB1219, Donna Blomstadt, is the drawing winner of Little Sisters. Thanks to everyone who posted their favorite diner movies here. It was a fun project.

I will be sending out copies of the mystery anthology this week to the first three posters, Jason Stout, Alexander Burns, and Robert Swartwood, as well as to the winner, K. C. Ball, of the "Name the Diner Movie." That movie was Shack Out on 101.

So now it's back to finishing Starkville. I've taken a little vacation from it, but now it's time to get it finished.

Also please, if you have time, check out my recent interview at Women-on-Writing's blog, The Muffin.

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Gay Degani said...

Books are in the mail, book rate, so it'll take a few days, but keep an eye out. I'm on page 174!