Monday, July 26, 2010

UP at Smokelong Quarterly!

I'm thrilled to announce the new Smokelong Quarterly double-issue is out! My story, Complicit, was a Smokelong Weekly feature back in February and is now up again as well as an interview of me by Tara Laskowski. Beth Thomas and Tara are the senior editors of Smokelong taking over for the wonderful Dave Clapper and it's clear they are determined to continue to make Smokelong beautiful and relevant (and I'm not saying that because I have a story there!)

And one more shout out to those who gave me feed back on "Complicit" when I was revising it, especially Randall Brown of



Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Congrats, Gay! I've always liked that story.

Mitzi said...

Congratulations, Gay! Your story is so full of rich details and the subtext left me holding my breath. Wonderful! Great interview, too... informative and engaging.

JasonStout said...

Hey Gay! Thanks for commenting on my EDF story today - much appreciated. I read "Complicit" and loved it. Smokelong has long been a goal of mine - but I've always been rejected there.

Hope things are going well - Jason