Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Glass Woman Prize Winners Announced


*** Winners of the Eleventh Glass Woman Prize ***

Two runner up prizes (with an award of US$ 50 each) go to "Peeling Onions" by Jenny Gumpertz and "Herstory" by Gessy Alvarez. Congratulations on two fantastic stories, Jenny Gumpertz and Gessy Alvarez.

Finalists were Michelle Elvy's story "X," Heather Fowler's story "If I Kiss That Girl," Deborah Jiang Shein's story "Devoured," MaryAnne Kolton's story "A Perfect Family House," Kirsty Logan's story "Tiger Palace," Laura Loomis's story "Meeting Angel," Natalie McNabb's story "Catching Maggie," Larissa Shmailo's story "Madwoman," Marci Stillerman's story "Wigs by Monte," and Dallas Woodburn's story "Guitar Lessons." So much excellent writing. Congratulations.

A huge thank you to the author's who gave permission to post or link to their stories.

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Sylvia said...

Wow that's wonderful! I've read for the prize before and there are always lots of great entries.