Sunday, July 22, 2012


July 1-7:
Paint the town red.
1/100 days

July 1-7:
Out like a light.*
2/100 days

July 8-14
Once in a blue moon
9/100 days

July 8-14:
Wrong end of the stick
11/100 days

July 8-14:
The REAL Wrong end of the stick 
13/100 days

July 15-21:
Writing is on the wall
16/100 days

July 15 21:
Turn the tables
19/100 days

July 15 21:
20/100 days
from my archives

July 22-28:
Jericho Beach
21/100 days
from my archives

July 22-28:
Dog Days
22/100 days
July 22-28:
Graveyard Shift
22/100 days

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your "wrong end of the stick" photo from day 11/100 has inspired me to write the following haiku:

the very tall tree
is an obstacle I climb
then I chop it down

thank you for your constant source of hope and creative energy through your photographs. keep up the good work!!! bravo!