Monday, March 03, 2014

What Came Before, my serialized novel, is Launched!!

I can't believe this is actually happening!!  I'm flying high (both literally right now on Alaska Airlines in a Boeing 737) and metaphorically too.  My suspense novel, What Came Before, is being serialized on-line beginning today and continuing through seventy 1000-word chapters.  Eventually you will be able to purchase it in paperback or in kindle and e-book format, but you can get started right now.

Please, if you have time, check it out and spread the word.

Here's a link to find out more.

Here's the link to begin reading.

Here's what readers have to say about What Came Before:

"What Came Before is a remarkable achievement." ~ Clifford Garstang

"Fast-paced and sharply written, with unforgettable characters, this novel by Gay Degani will grab hold and not let go." ~ Kathy Fish

"What Came Before is a fast-paced murder mystery set in the heart and spirit of L.A." ~ Tara Laskowski

"Do not sit down to read this with only a few minutes. You won't want to put this stunner down." ~ Bonnie ZoBell

Racial tension, an unexplained sibling, a fire, and plenty more action make this a page-turner. ~ Susan Tepper

"I can't think of an afternoon spent so energetically without moving an inch from my armchair!" ~ RKBiswas

"A brilliant and complex whodunit with a memorable, imperfect character at its helm." ~ Christopher Allen

"What Comes Before, Gay Degani's debut novel rumbles along at break-neck speed." ~ K.C. Ball

"Part murder mystery, part family saga, Gay Degani's What Came Before is an exciting debut not to be missed!" ~ Robert Swartwood



injaynesworld said...

I've read the first three chapters online and it's making me crazy having to wait for the next. Patience is not my strong suit. ;) Looking forward to downloading the whole book and reading it all the way through!

Gay Degani said...

Thanks, Jayne, for reading. So glad you like it and I hope I don't let you down!!