Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spring Melt JUNE 6 EDF Be There!

My story "Spring Melt" will be published by Everyday Fiction on June 6. I'm hoping everyone will stop by for a quick read. It's only 1000 words so it won't put much of a dent (dint??) in any one's work day.

Everyday Fiction has been a terrific boost for me as a writer who needs a lot of reassurance. It has provided me with a place for people to see how and what I write. Print is so hard to share when it comes to short stories. While I am thrilled to have a piece published by THEMA, it's not something people can actually put their hands on easily. The two anthologies are available through Amazon, but I'm in the dark as to whether any one out there has bought them, let alone read my stories.

But EDF is instant gratification. Of course they have to say "yes" but if they do, then it's out there, being read by fellow writers, friends, family, strangers, even my PMC teacher.