Monday, December 08, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion, but it's Time to SHOP!!

With Christmas so close, I decided to make another push because I think WHAT CAME BEFORE is a perfect choice as Christmas gift for anyone who likes mysteries, novels of suspense, or family sagas (well, of course I do! I wrote it and want you to buy it, love it, and gift it!!)

Here's what a few people have said about the book:

"...a gripping story that forces Abbie to come out of her shell and embark on a journey in which she'll confront her greatest fears, a journey that will ultimately uncover the truth about a secret love story that rocks Abbie to her core, as she comes to finally understand, accept, and believe in herself." - Syrie James

"I loved the premise, the fast pacing and the characters. It was a wonderful read that never insulted the readers' intelligence. Looking forward to Gay's next tale. BTW-I'm passing this on to my 14 year old granddaughter who will get hooked early as I did." - Paul Beckman

"Gay Degani’s debut novel is a force of nature. The author has been honing her craft by writing flash fiction for a few years. She is a master at getting quickly inside the head of a character and taking us on a journey we won’t soon forget. What Came Before is just such a journey." - Gayle Bartos-Poole

"This book has terrifically drawn characters, and plot that unfolds into more plot, giving the novel a textured ongoing presence till its very end. Loved this book! Most highly recommend!" - Susan Tepper

"To hold my attention, a book must first grab me. But then the writer must sustain the suspense and action until the last page. I must care about the characters and what happens to them. When an author can do that I know I have someone I need to follow. Gay Degani is such an author. Hand's down a masterful debut!" - Raul Melendez

"I loved this book. Here's why: What Came Before relies on more than a murder mystery to keep readers turning the pages. In addition to fast pacing, a clever plot and complex relatable characters, this novel offers glimpses into societal expectations and racial restrictions during the 1940s and 50s--all written in smooth, beautifully-rendered prose." Sue Ann Connaughton

"This a fast-paced entertaining story that combines elements of a good police procedural with a family mystery. It has great pacing. The main characters are well-drawn and believable. I cared about Abby and Mackenna and I kept turning the page to find out what happened. It’s a good story." - Len Joy

"...there is nothing hasty about Degani's character development, nor the authenticity of her interactions, nor the complexity of her plot. There are many layers here, and many open-ended questions--about race, celebrity, neurosis, the place of a woman in her family and the larger world, logic versus assumption... And on, and on." - Susan O'Neill

"This stunning novel from veteran Gay Degani is nothing less than fantastic!...The darker mysteries and pathos are balanced with subtle humor throughout. Degani has given us a novel that speaks to the present time in which we live, and resounds with this inner question we all might ponder: WHO AM I?" - Robert Vaughn

"Fast-paced and sharply written, with unforgettable characters, this novel by Gay Degani will grab hold and not let go. A terrific read!" - Kathy Fish

This novel is an unraveling narrative of red herrings and second guesses, with twists and turns of plotline that keep you turning the pages. What Came Before is a detective story that is both engaging and enthralling, populated by vivid characters portrayed with a deft and precise prose. - Literary Fiction Book Review 

Degani's affable debut, a suspenseful novel about mothers and daughters, aims to be thrilling, socially relevant and heartwarming all at once. - Kirkus Review

To go to the Amazon page (seen below) to purchase, click HERE!!