Thursday, March 31, 2011


 “200 NIGHTS" is up at Corium this month if you get a chance to go over there and read it.  Also this issue includes short-short fiction from

Robert Lopez
Sabrina Stoessinger
Miguel Morales
Tina May Hall
Sean Lovelace
Sean Lovelace
Jessica Newman
Sara Crowley
Kevin Spaide
Andrea Kneeland
Andrea Kneeland
Ken Poyner
Sean Ulman

and short stories from

Check out the poetry too.

Thanks Lauren, Salvatore, and Heather.

Every Day Fiction's April Calendar

April’s Table of Contents

4/ 1      Elle Marie Gray             Broken Rules
4/ 2      John Lander                  Up The Stairs
4/ 3      Sally York                      Baby Doll
4/ 4      Charlie Bowers             Spermicidal
4/ 5     Kevin Shamel               Tethered
4/ 6      George Maxwell            Tea and Sympathy
4/ 7      James Van Pelt              The Hurt Club
4/ 8     Ralph Uttaro                 House Rules
4/ 9      Lindsay M. Lockhart   Settling Accounts
4/ 10    Kevin Luttery               Remembering Sweetness
4/ 11    Ronnie Pruitt                 3 Ways Not To Get Shot
4/ 12    Charles W. Kiley III     Night
4/ 13    Alex Shvartsman          On The Last Afternoon
4/ 14    Christina Arregoces    The Dance
4/ 15    Jennifer R. Fierro          Autumn in the Shenandoah
4/ 16   Yvette Managan           Vestige
4/ 17   Jeanne Holtzman         At Sea
4/ 18    Eric J. Guignard            Hubert in Love
4/ 19   Oonah V Joslin            Forever Scarlet
4/ 20    Adam Lucas                  Dr. Xiang/Mouth in Stomach
4/ 21    S. Hutson Blount         Cleanroom Vices
4/ 22   Walt Giersbach           Transformation
4/ 23    Sandra Crook                Jessica and the Rabbit
4/ 24    Patrick Perkins              Easter Egg Hunt
4/ 25    Shauna Roberts            Rehearsal
4/ 26    M. Howalt                     Treasure
4/ 27    Matt Cowens                Minor Rampage
4/ 28    C.L. Holland                  Answers
4/ 29   A.S. Andrews               Pretending
4/ 30    Daniel Ausema             Horns or Wings

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Piece up at 50 to 1

50 to 1 has been on hiatus since real life has overcome Glenn Binger and his pal Sam, so fellow writer,Paul has now taken over and I'm lucky enough to have a piece in the second incarnation of this fun micro-fiction 'zine.
Check it out if and when you get a chance.

50 to 1

Sunday, March 06, 2011

What's Left in The Binnacle Ultra-Short Competition

Those of us who were lucky enough to be chosen to be published in The Binnacle's Seventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition just received our stories in the mail in a small blue box decorated with Jean Rauox's painting "Young Woman Reading a Letter." Inside the box were story cards, each with a story on one side and the biography of the author on the other.  Totally cool.    Emily Jiang's story, "Wedding Song" took top prize in prose, Toni Giarnese won in poetry, while Bunny Richards   received the University of Maine at Machias Student Prize.  The rest of us are published with Honorable Mention--and an honor it is.  Please visit The Binnacle at Facebook and check to find out when the Kindle edition will be ready.  

Friday, March 04, 2011

Announcing String-of-10 THREE Winners « Flash Fiction Chronicles

This year's String-of-10 THREE brought Flash Fiction Chronicles the best group of stories we've ever had. Sixteen anonymous semi-finalists were shipped off to writer Michelle Reale for consideration. To find out who won and to read an interview with Michelle, check out the Current Flash Fiction post.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Every Day Fiction's March Calendar

Mar 01
Belinda Rees
Hart’s Tip
Mar 02
Deborah Winter-Blood
Veterans of War
Mar 03
Jakob Drud
9 of 10
Mar 04
Sylvia Heartz
The Magic Pillow
Mar 05
Carmela Starace
Autopsy of the Steele Family (in Six Chapters)
Mar 06
David Macpherson
The World Between Geometry and British Drama
Mar 07
Greg Likins
Temptation Drive-Thru
Mar 08
Andrew S. Williams
From Here to the Sargasso
Mar 09
James C.G. Shirk
Will Work for Food
Mar 10
Gretchen Bassier
Mar 11
Rumjhum Biswas
Breakfast for Two
Mar 12
Ajit Dhillon
God Machine
Mar 13
Anisha Sridhar
It’s not Me, It’s You
Mar 14
Melinda Jones
Mother of the Boy
Mar 15
Shaun Simon
Television for the Dead
Mar 16
Bruce Holland Rogers
Dear Lisa
Mar 17
Paul Friesen
The Next Ice Age
Mar 18
Christopher Lockheardt
The Perfect Song
Mar 19
T.C. Powell
Strange Fate/George Morris’ Brother’s Dirty Old Shoe
Mar 20
Loren Arthur Moreno
And That’s Uncle Thom
Mar 21
Douglas Pugh
Impish balance
Mar 22
Chelsea Tudor
Mar 23
K.C. Ball
Serves Him Right
Mar 24
Wayne Scheer
Harold’s Eulogy
Mar 25
JR Hume
Mar 26
Jude-Marie Green
Another Nebulous Conversation onBus Trip to America
Mar 27
Paige Sinkler
Cold Feet
Mar 28
Vincent D. O’Connor
The Princess and The Bullfrog
Mar 29
Robert O’Shea
Bella’s Birthday
Mar 30
Dee Turbon
Mar 31
Sally York
Saving Nimoy