Thursday, September 30, 2010

Every Day Fiction's October Calendar!

Every Day Fiction is looking for someone to read stories for consideration in the ezine.  It is a fabulous learning experience. Here is the application:

October Line-Up

Oct 1 Zoe Palmer/Space to Breathe

Oct 2 Lynsey Miller/Mine

Oct 3 Sarah Evans/Being Bold

Oct 4 Matt Cowens/Fire Safety

Oct 5 Leigh Kimmel/The End of Her Line

Oct 6 Debbie Cowens/No Smoke Without Fire

Oct 7 A.L. Sirois/Closed System

Oct 8 Stef Hall/After The Fire

Oct 9 C.L. Holland/The Girl With the Clockwork Heart

Oct 10 Felicia Aguilar/Brutal Truths

Oct 11 Robert Schladale/That’s A Promise

Oct 12 Ben Langdon/The Girl On The Beach

Oct 13 KJ Kabza/How the Snake Got the Fork in His Tongue

Oct 14 Rasmenia Massoud/House Cleaning

Oct 15 Robert Edward Sullivan/Level Up

Oct 16 Rachel J Bailey/The Golden Toad

Oct 17 TFAhan/Panhandle Oil Rig

Oct 18 Stephanie King/Siren Song

Oct 19 Carmela Starace/And They Called It Puppy Love

Oct 20 Erin Lawless/Succubus

Oct 21 Liz Penn/One Step Behind

Oct 22 Martin Brick/The Perils of Thoughtful…

Oct 23 Alex Shvartsman/Good Advice

Oct 24 AJ Smith/Never Tell

Oct 25 John Impey/The Trial Of The Flea

Oct 26 Nathaniel Johnson/Bullyboys

Oct 27 Autumn HumphreyThe Valley of Death

Oct 28 Meghna Pant/Family Dinner

Oct 29 Jessica George/Fresh Snow

Oct 30 JR Hume/The Condemned Man

Oct 31 Tom Kepler/Spider

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nominations for the 4th Annual Micro Awards

The 4th Annual Micro Award will be open for submissions from Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2010.

The Micro Award is presented annually for flash fiction not exceeding 1000 words. Stories of all genres originally published in 2010 are eligible. Editors may submit two stories; writers may submit one. The winner of the $500 prize and all other finalists will be announced on Feb 17, 2011.

Visit the website for official rules and submission guidelines:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

There will be blood!

Love that line and I've just given some of my own to AJ Brown over at his Type AJ Negative blog. If you've got time to read my rather long interview, that would be great, but also check out John C. Mannone's post over at Flash Fiction Chronicles about Seducing the Muse.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Minor Changes

Doing a little online house keeping today by combining my "official" website with my Words in Place blog since it's time to keep things simple (time as it refers both to age and season!!)  So if you look me up as "gay degani" and click on, you'll end up here. Or if you click on you'll end up here.  See how easy that is?

I've also brought over a couple of pages from my website, one is a summary of how to give specific purpose to drafts of a work-in-progress and the other is a list of books under 300 pages.  These are all that remain of  my English 1A website.  I've also tried to unclutter the main page of the blog.  Now some of the items that used to be in the right hand column have their own pages. Under Words in Place heading you can now find links to my writing online, interviews, articles, and reviews of Pomegranate Stories.

I hope to add a new "about me" page as well as a page feature past prompts from Flash Fiction Chronicles.