Thursday, August 23, 2012

Half-Way Through 100 Days of Creativity

I’ve been participating in a challenge at Facebook called 100 Days of Creativity.  It’s been exhilarating. My observation skills have sharpened and my right-brain has held onto the details taken in and transformed these details into ideas.  This is manna for the writer. 

I’ve done photographs. If I were a poet, I might have attempted a poem here and there, but I’m not and I love how, with a camera—especially today’s forgiving cameras—I can capture something beautiful with so little effort. I could incorporate this challenge into my day on my walk, while eating a sandwich in the backyard, on vacation.

The more difficult part has been figuring out how to post.  In retrospect, I should have posted a picture a day at my blog, but I never got it together enough.  Does matter?  No. This exercise is for each of us to figure out for ourselves and glean what we can from it.  No rules. 

My favorite photo is one of the first I took.  I was outside taking pictures of flowers.  It’s summer after all!  But I wanted to find something different, something that said more than “I am a rose.”  The challenge I was working on was … Well, I just looked and I know it was about symmetry, but not one of the expressions.  Perhaps it was a riff on someone else’s post.  Anyway this is the picture I took.  I liked the fact that it isn’t immediately obvious what it is.  It takes me to a different place. 

Here are some of my other favorites: