Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Past the Middle of May and I'm Still at It

I meant to write this post on the 15th of May, the half-way point of Story A Day month, but as it seems to be for me these days, I've been running behind.  And I'm still behind, but I'm only a couple of days off.  Here is a list of the work I've done, most of them brand spanking new and a couple of stories I've had in my file to revise.  

May 1 You Don't (100)
May 2 Fish Bowl (856)
May 3 Enid (740)
May 4 Wandering by Bus (500)
May 5 Shing (845)
May 6 Julia Roberts (612)
May 7 Snickerdoodled (385)
May 8 Arsenal (450)
May 9 Mono Lake (450)
Mono LakeMay 10 PS serial chap 1 (390)
May 11 PS serial chap 2 (405)
May 12 Folderol (855)
May 13 New Life PS serial chap x  (732)
May 14 Lost in the Woods (1080)
May 15 Blue (244)
May 16 Terminus (788)
May 17 The Cossack Ultimatum  (1536)
May 18  Small Town

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Story a Day??? Can I do it?

Story A Day homepageIt's May--Short Story Month--and all kinds of fun stuff is happening.  For example, Julie Duffy over at StoryADay.org has thrown down the gauntlet.  I've decided to take the challenge though right from the get-go I'm thinking "Say What??"  Don't know exactly how I'm going to keep track.  Can't pub the stories here if I want to develop them to submit, but hoping I can at least track the experience.  If for no one else, at least for myself!!

Also it's time for FFC's Short Story Month List of Links to great online stories and it's up to you out there in the ether to make the suggestions.  Here's the scoop.

Every year, Flash Fiction Chronicles has honored May as Short Story Month by logo for short story month 3asking readers to supply their favorite short story links.  We have asked for 100 links to excellent online stories in the past.  This year I’m hoping we can reach 150!  This sets all of us up with many many great pieces to read during the course of 2013-2014.  This is a loose, fun endeavor.  No prizes and not too many rules.
WHO: You may suggest any short story that can be found online except your own.  You can suggest up to ten favorites.  However, please do not use this opportunity to promote your own work.
WHAT: What we want are YOUR favorites beyond your own.  What stories have made you gasp, smile, laugh, cry, and/or say “I wish I’d written that!”  Short stories can be any length under, say, 10,000 words.  Suggest dribble, drabble, micro, flash, short short, short, you get the idea.
WHEN: May 1 through May 31, 2013.
WHERE: Two places where you can make your suggestions: here at FFC on THIS PAGE in the comments section and at Facebook in our new FFC Short Story Month Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/487327604669717/).  Please do not email suggestions to me or to FFC.
WHY: It’s short story month!
HOW: Using this page in the comment section or the new FFC Short Story Month Group at Facebook, include in this order: the story title, the author, the venue including direct link to the story, and your name.  It should look something like this:
While You Were Away” by Tara Laskowski in matchbook suggested by Gay Degani: http://www.matchbooklitmag.com/laskowski.html