Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bluster-F**k up at Pure Slush

I have a story up at Pure Slush this month.

Check it out : BLUSTER-FUCK


You don’t remember much about his wife because when Bluster-Fuck’s around, he opens his mouth and vacuums the room dry, pulling every last dust mote into his gut. Even the skin cells of your own face feel like they’re going to peel right off and zoom down his gullet.


Douglas Campbell:
Wonderful, Gay. There are too many Bluster-Fucks running loose these days, and you nailed the type perfectly. Made me both laugh and shiver!

John "JAM" Arthur Miller:
I had NO idea what to expect with a title like that, but I'm glad I read it, lol! Great read, Gay!

Bev Elliott:
It has been my misfortune to know more than one Bluster-Fuck. Thank you for a story that allows us to poke fun at people who have problems getting social context clues.

Lucinda Kempe:
Bluster-Fuck. How divine. Wonder if the real bluster fucks of the world will recognize themselves? Ha! Neva. Brilliant job, Gay. You nailed him.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Every Day Fiction's August Calendar

August’s Table of Contents

Find Every Day Fiction here.
Aug 1 Jennifer Foster Know Thyself

Aug 2 Andrew Waters One Way To Save a Farm

Aug 3 Gregor McGavin Going Nowhere

Aug 4 Michael Peralta Candyeyes

Aug 5 Jessica George Hungry Water

Aug 6 Daniel Vineberg True Love and Lousy Smoke Rings

Aug 7 Simon Kewin A Good Drying Day

Aug 8 Miles C. Hellyer Running From Home

Aug 9 Suzanne Conboy-Hill No Arrests in 2039

Aug 10 Cate Gardner His Name Carved on Empty Space

Aug 11 JR Hume Curse of the East Wind

Aug 12 Mary Caffrey Knapke Tomato Plants, $1 Each

Aug 13 Shane M. Gavin Just a Day

Aug 14 Anna Moriarty Lev A Night in the Park

Aug 15 Paul A. Freeman An Elizabethan Tale

Aug 16 Debbie Bennett Moira

Aug 17 Laura Davy The Guardians

Aug 18 Kevin Mathews Melon Heads

Aug 19 Douglas Campbell Fleur de Lis

Aug 20 Maria Deira Laundry

Aug 21 John Impey Divine Wind, Kami-Kaze

Aug 22 Sarah Goodwin A Three Way Division

Aug 23 Folly Blaine Eau de Public Transit

Aug 24 Linda Simoni-Wastila Poison Pill

Aug 25 Ranica Arrowsmith American Neighbor

Aug 26 Dale Ivan Smith Not So Invincible Overlord

Aug 27 Von Rupert To Grandfather’s House We Go

Aug 28 Ruth Schiffmann Meet Me at Woman Hollering Creek

Aug 29 Juliet Boyd The Rescue Plan

Aug 30 Jennifer R. Fierro Flowers for Clockwork Street

Aug 31 Brian Dolton A Loyalty Divided