Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pomegranate Stories is now available as an eBook at for only 99 cents.  If you prefer, the paperback edition is also available for $9.99. This is a chapbook of eight stories constructed around the relationships between mothers and daughters.

From Annie Clarkson's review of Pomegranate for the short review:
Pomegranate Stories is a brief glimpse into Gay Degani’s short fiction, and I want to read more. Her writing in this collection is visceral, has punch and explores the lives of characters that are not experiencing the easiest lives or relationships. There is some beautiful imagery and description and a very insightful approach to dialogue. 
Here are some comments posted about the paperback edition of Pomegranate Stories at Amazon: the end you wish there were twenty more stories to read. The stories are inspiring, thought provoking, emotional, and a pleasure to read. --John Towler
Gay Degani has a stunning voice, gripping and charged, and loaded with such authentic realism, that her literary stories borderline nonfiction horrors.  --Erin Cole
Gay is a wonder at laying bare a fictional life and reminding you so much of your heart is in that character. She is a master at cutting to the quick of emotions and then layering them with humanity.  --Kevin Shamel
The stories in 'Pomegranate' convince you Gay Degani's been in your shoes, thought your thoughts, felt your emotions. You realize that you are stronger than you thought you were, the ironies of life won't stop the rain from falling, and that we need to smile when the opportunities present themselves. Beautiful prose, beautiful stories, do yourself a favor and buy this book. --Jodi MacArthur
Alongside the growing number of short story collections published recently--some of them doing surprisingly well--comes this delicious little "sleeper" volume by Gay Degani, titled "Pomegranate Stories." 
There are only eight stories, and a few of those are short enough to qualify as Flash Fiction, but the content is so startling, so intense and provocative, so well written, that it feels like a much weightier volume. The stories are about mothers and daughters (and the men in their lives), but don't think `sentimental sweetness,' think `raw reality.'  --Jackie Houchin

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Writers! A Quick Exercise Solution!

How long do you sit at your computer every day? You want to stay in flow, but it's not  good for your neck, your back, the "seat of the pants" that you want to keep in the seat of the chair.  Here's a possible solution: a work-out band that has the exercises printed on the band itself. Easy to jump up from your computer and do some "body work," allowing you to get back to work before you let go of the "flow."

My friend and exercise maven, Estelle Underwood, has come up with a useful and smart piece of equipment for exercise enthusiasts and those who aren't so enthusiastic, but find they need to do work those muscles anyway. Like me!!!  Sooooo, here's her press release and all the links for you to find out everything you want to know about The Body Works Band!


Long-time fitness expert creates “carry anywhere” lightweight “BodyWorksBand”—fitness equipment less than a few ounces—just in time to get in shape for the holidays.

The BodyWorksBand  (, a recession-proof fitness tool that addresses the fast-paced lifestyle of people constantly on the go, is now available online – just in time to get in shape for the holidays!

Affordably priced at an introductory rate of $14.95, this unique product is an almost weightless resistance band that exhibits illustrations of a full-body strength- training workout printed across the entire band.  By having the instructions printed on the band, it’s like having a personal trainer with you at all times, and users of the BodyWorksBand can be sure they are targeting muscles safely and efficiently.  In addition, the BodyWorksBand comes with a handy brochure that lists clear verbal instructions as to how to perform each exercise correctly, so an effective full-body workout is literally at your fingertips.

Founder and designer Estelle Underwood, a certified personal trainer with over 25 years of experience and co-creator of “BoneJuvenate”, an exercise DVD for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, was inspired to create the BodyWorksBand for her clients. Throughout her career, Estelle witnessed how many of her clients led intensely busy lives. From busy single mothers to working professionals, it seemed everyone was seeking a way to keep up a fitness regime either at home or on the road. Estelle also recognized the demand for a product without a huge learning curve or big price tag - something that was accessible to those who couldn’t keep up full training sessions on a regular basis. The BodyWorksBand was her answer. By having the instructions printed on the band itself, Estelle has developed a product that simulates having a personal trainer with you at all times, and users of the BodyWorksBand can be sure they are targeting muscles safely and efficiently. 

In addition to being great for travel, the BodyWorksBand is 100 percent portable and convenient for use at home, work, hotel room, gym, or anywhere at all.  With this one exercise tool, you can delight in receiving a total body workout that builds strength, increases muscle tone, and improves bone density—all achieved in minutes with these consistent, easy to perform exercises.

The BodyWorksBand makes it easy to find time in your day to exercise.  It is the simple, inexpensive solution to fitness in today’s world.

About Bodyworks for Total Health
Bodyworks for Total Health is the private fitness studio of Estelle Underwood, located in South Pasadena, California.
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