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"Dani-Girl's Guide to Getting Everything Right," reviewed at A Bunch of Wordz

Author, Gay Degani, has a great flash fiction story out called Dani-Girl’s Guide to Getting Everything Right.  This short short story starts out:
The minute the nose of my Honda Civic points north on the 5, my hands begin to sweat, my breath goes shallow, and somewhere down in my lower intestinal tract I feel a rumbling similar to distant thunder, just not as pleasant. Don’t Go Home is the first cardinal rule in Dani-Girl’s Guide to Getting Everything Right, and after a lifetime in Lomita with my German-Irish father, Rule 1 is easy to follow. After all, most of our communications begin with him grumbling, “Can’t you get anything right?”
Read this entire flash fiction story at Flash Fiction Online, a flash fiction online literary magazine, or read more short fiction at the Flash Fiction Online homepage.  You can also visit Gay Degani’s homepage or buy one of Gay Degani’s books at amazon.com.
I love it when I discover talented authors previously unknown to me, and I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one and looking for more of her stuff to read.

"Down Bayou Black," reviewed at The Narrative Drive

There was a time when I was thoroughly engrossed with the writings of Cornell Woolrich. His noir fiction is thick with impenetrable shadows, howls in the night, and hunted characters who hold on to motives as tightly as the men who hold their guns in a Brinks truck. So with this story I enjoyed a brief deja vue but in a different place and time. Degani has a clear sense of a particular South, “bayou as black as molasses in moonlight.” The reader sympathizes with the narrator who needs relief from pneumonia, and later we learn she has another reason to leave home. The ending holds suspense as well it should and offers clarity beyond the muddy water where she finds herself. Read it here in 101 Flash.

"The London Eye," mentioned at A Bunch of Wordz

Ever felt like you’re being stalked, watched, plotted against?  Then you know how Gay Degani’s character feels in the new flash fiction story, The London Eye (warning, contains strong language), published at Every Day Fiction: 
“People insist the London Eye is nothing more than a tourist attraction, a Ferris wheel on steroids, a piece of machinery designed to be deconstructed for public consumption on the Discovery channel back home in the States, but I don’t believe it. I’m no fool. No one’s pulling the wool over my eyes. The Eye is stalking me.”

"Small Town," mentioned by Dan Powell on The Short and Long of It

"Understated but powerfully evocative slice of small town America. Feels like an epic novel told in a fraction of the time. Beautifully compressed storytelling." - Dan Powell

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