Monday, July 20, 2009

10,000+ hits at my EDF Daily Prompts thread!

Okay I admit I'm a little hung up on strokes. Any kind. Comments, hits, praise--of course--any attention. What it can mean is someone may stumble onto one of my stories or one of my posts and say, I like that!

Am I different from anyone who is free-floating in the blogosphere these days? I don't think so. You don't write in public if you don't want to be read.

But most of us want to be useful too. Not just use our presence in the ether to stroke our egos, but also maybe to help someone else achieve some goal, learn something new, have an experience, or an ah-ha moment. At least, that's one of my goals.

With that in mind, awhile back--November 21 2008--I launched DAILY PROMPTS on my thread at the Every Day Fiction Forum and today the thread crossed over the 10,000 hit-point. Now I know for many out there, this is a pee-squirt in the ocean, but to me it's the idea that there might be many hard drives full of new stories that came from one of my prompts or even a few published stories.

STARKVILLE, the story I wrote here at Words in Place, came from one of those prompts!


Helen Ginger said...

Congratulations! 10,000 hits is huge.

Straight From Hel

Sarah Hilary said...

That's a terrific achievement, Gay. Not least because it means writers are engaging with you, taking something away from the process you've created. Congratulations!