Monday, December 09, 2013

Folly Blaine reads "Beyond the Curve"

A few years ago, "Beyond the Curve" won a quarterly short story contest on-line.  Sponsored by Women on Writing (WOW!) every quarter, this competition offers a unique option to aspiring writers because submissions are limited to 300 and judged by literary agents, making it doubly cool.  The entire site is a great place to find articles on writing such as Brenda Hill's "Write What You Know: Sage Advice or Hogwash?" as well as links to other writers, classes, and contests.

Here's "Beyond the Curve," the story that gave me the confidence to keep writing when I was just starting to find my voice.  Voiced here by the wonderful Folly Blaine: 

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Von Rupert said...

That was awesome. The magazine kid was such a great character--loved him.